Why This Blog?

The crosses above may give a clue why I have this blog. I am a Christian, and want to bring God’s word to others, as well as offer scriptural studies that all will understand.

What I am not: I am not a “God just wants you to be happy” person. Jesus Himself called for commitment, not sitting back enjoying intellectual warm fuzzies believing in the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus – and doing nothing else. That is completely contrary to the Bible’s teaching.

I call sin sin, but I realize that I am a sinner myself and have absolutely no right whatsoever to look down on anybody.

I am just getting started with this blog and will be updating it as I can. Hopefully I will be starting regular posts here sharing my faith.

DISCLAIMER: You will see advertisements now and then here, I am not making money off my blog here, it is from WordPress in helping to keep this blog free. If it becomes an issue, I have a ham radio and computer website I pay for which I will simply install a second WordPress blog onto and start using. I am not complaining as it does keep my access to this blog free!


I Made My Decision for Simplicity

I decided to create a new WordPress installation on my ham radio and computer site. It mainly is to (hopefully) simplify things. I’ll probably post randomness here that may not fit elsewhere.

I also have the ability to break tweak the template on my site, which I have found to not be easy, if doable at all, here. Weighing the pros and cons added up to this decision which was not all that easy to make even though the new WordPress installation was a simple button click.

Here is an experiment

I may be running this beside my regular Walt’s Ruminations blog as an experiment. I don’t expect things to get busy enough to require two blogs, but I do like to fiddle around when I get time.

Naturally, things will tend to come and go at random here.

Since this blog is on WordPress’ site, there will be ads here now and then. Please don’t get upset as this is how they can afford to keep their lights on, and the blog free!